Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ham and Swiss Kabobs and Golden Glaze

A Mother's Day Brunch can't be all sweets in my family. If my Mom and I only have sugar for breakfast we will crash within an hour. Does this happen to anyone else? The day before I had bought a ham on sale. After my husband's employee discount it was less than a dollar a pound! All that delicious ham deserved to make an appearance for Mother's Day! But ham isn't often "cute" and Mother's Day requires cuteness!

Enter kabobs. Everything looks more adorable as a kabob. Also. Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese tastes fabulous with ham. And the creamy whiteness of the Swiss cheese sets off the ham so well. Add to that the Golden Glaze I created and this dish is sure to be a winner with Mom's everywhere!

(If you don't have have a freshly cooked ham on hand like I did, you can subsistute a pre-cooked ham from your local deli.)

Golden Glaze was born of my love affair with anything pretty in jars. You laugh, but it's real. Orange Marmalade is so lovely in a jar that I just had to pick some despite not needing anything of the sort. It had such a beautiful golden glow I couldn't resist.

And I as I was trying to decide what would make my Ham-n-Swiss kabobs extra special for my Mom, I thought of that glowing marmalade. Some honey and mustard finished it off and sticky it might be, but so worth it. Much like little kid's hugs.

Ham and Swiss Kabobs

mini bamboo skewers
cubed ham (cooked)
cubed swiss cheese

Alternating ham and swiss cheese, add to bamboo skewers.

Golden Glaze

1/4 cup orange marmalade
2 Tablespoons honey
2 teaspoons deli mustard

Add all three ingredients to a microwavable bowl. microwave for 15-20 seconds or until easily stirred. Add more mustard for a stronger "kick". Drizzle over kabobs, or serve in a dipping dish.

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