Sunday, July 8, 2012

Back In Business!

WHERE did we go for a month? Well I have very exciting news to announce! My co-blogger-recipe-maker (my mom) received a book offer! Her first book is due to be printed in about ten months!!!! Celebration time my friends.

Of course this meant a lot of editing work and the start of web design and advertising... and guess who got called for that? Yeah, me. It's okay though, she's promised me a house if she makes a lot of money. So help a girl out and buy her book!!

In the meantime here is her website - check out what's happening and some of her other books to be published!

Never fear, however! Recipes and money saving tips for a Gluten Free life will be resuming Wednesday 11/07 with regular updates.

A sneak peek of what we have planned for you includes prepping a month of freezer meals - all GF! On a budget you'll have to see to believe. And some amazingly easy I-never-thought-of-making-that sauces such as soy sauce, teriyaki, and Worcestershire sauce. Healthier and tastier....

See you Wednesday!

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